Carlex Employees

We’re Always Learning

We truly believe in our Servant Leadership philosophy.

To ensure Carlex leaders embrace this philosophy, we provide both required and elective training to all employees. At each of our facilities, dedicated, certified members of the Carlex team are responsible for our internal training programs, providing our leaders the highest quality training they deserve.

New Leadership Onboarding Process

The Carlex New Leadership Onboarding Process is designed to build upon our Employees leadership skills, knowledge, and ability. Through this program, we: welcome new leaders to the Company; introduce other Carlex leaders; learn about and comply with Company policies, procedures, and processes; and outline the Company’s expectation regarding leadership behaviors and work ethic while a Carlex leader.

Leadership courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Change Leadership
  • Talent Management
  • Communication and Relationship Building
  • Business Planning and Business Skills

Leadership courses include:

  • Servant Leadership Training
  • Trust as a Competency
  • Coaching Conversations

Featured Employee

David Montoya VegaProcess Laminating Department, Carlex Grevenmacher/Luxembourg

We are very pleased to announce that David Montoya Vega, has been recognized by Central Glass and has received the Gold Prize of the “Excellent Job Annual Awards” in the category of Best Cost Down for one of his projects.

With his awarded project, David has made a significant contribution to better understanding processes which include the application of new technologies and their positive impact to increasing quality.

Born in Colombia, David later moved to France to complete his bachelor’s degree focusing on Mechanical and Production Engineering. He joined Carlex in 2013 as an intern during which he developed his master thesis in logistics and industrial management, while also leading a lean manufacturing project.

After having successfully completed his studies, he began as a Process Engineer on the bending process within the laminating department. Since early in his employment, David has consistently exhibited an impressive technical knowledge combined with an outstanding work ethic.

As native Colombian, David contributes to the rich and diverse culture present in the Carlex Grevenmacher plant, where an inclusive mix of employee origins and languages contribute to the vibrancy of our organization.

We sincerely thank David for his great commitment and wish him all the best for his future projects at Carlex.