Carlex Employees

We’re Always Learning

We truly believe in our Servant Leadership philosophy.

To ensure Carlex leaders embrace this philosophy, we provide both required and elective training to all employees. At each of our facilities, dedicated, certified members of the Carlex team are responsible for our internal training programs, providing our leaders the highest quality training they deserve.

New Leadership Onboarding Process

The Carlex New Leadership Onboarding Process is designed to build upon our Employees leadership skills, knowledge, and ability. Through this program, we: welcome new leaders to the Company; introduce other Carlex leaders; learn about and comply with Company policies, procedures, and processes; and outline the Company’s expectation regarding leadership behaviors and work ethic while a Carlex leader.

Leadership courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Change Leadership
  • Talent Management
  • Communication and Relationship Building
  • Business Planning and Business Skills

Leadership courses include:

  • Servant Leadership Training
  • Trust as a Competency
  • Coaching Conversations

Featured Employee

Lynda HogueDirector of Distribution, Aftermarket Replacement Glass

We are so very pleased to announce that Lynda Hogue, our Director of Distribution, Aftermarket Replacement Glass, has been recognized for both her professionalism and environmental stewardship. Lynda was inducted into the Environmental Leader 75 list of Elite Executives for 2017 because of her strong corporate sustainability stewardship and work with a local Gasification Initiative to prevent wood waste (pallets) from being sent to landfills, keeping the environment cleaner for everyone.

Lynda was also recognized as Delta Nu Alpha’s Transportation Professional of the Year for 2018. She has always been a trusted partner among top Logistics professionals with extensive knowledge of logistics, distribution and transportation. She stays current on industry trends, ensuing our compliance with laws and regulations and is most generous of her knowledge to those that she is surrounded by. She has also been a long time supportive member of Delta Nu Alpha. She has served in a much more important capacity than just top tier logistical management by taking a more direct approach to mentor many individuals who have gained advantageous positions because of the wisdom she has so freely given away over the many years of service to the transportation industry..